Deputy Director Graduate Studies
P. O. Box 7089 – 00100 NAIROBI
EAST AFRICA PHONE: +254703453636; +254 722 802068
E – MAIL: luciakiwa@yahoo.com/lwairimu@mku.ac.ke


To demonstrate best practices in any organization through utilization of practical, innovative skills and knowledge, competences and talents towards firm’s success. To exceptionally contribute to current standards of service delivery up to the managerial level and to embrace competitive strategies, change management and synergetic spirit in customer service and achievement of the organization’s goal. To be a team player with reliable interpersonal skills for Capacity building for teams and groups.To embrace Volunteerism as a participant and facilitator of community development


An educationist with a education degree background in nutrition, business management, general management, entrepreneurship and research. With skills in Communication ,Training &teaching, Monitoring and valuation, entrepreneurship skills development ,Strategy planning/Policy Formulation, Information technology skills, Guidance and counseling. I have in my career been a high school, TIVET trainer and currently a lecturer at Mount Kenya University, in the above areas. In the capacity of the skills I have been an administrator/manager in various positions in my career progression as a coordinator, school of business at inception, Nairobi campus, founded the student management body as the first dean of student at Nairobi campus, mount Kenya university, I was able to carry out a research on challenges facing students’ management in public and private universities in Nairobi county. I also steered the post graduate school Nairobi campus as a coordinator and then as the Associate Dean Of Post Graduate School, where I was involved in development of a post graduate Centre at Nairobi campus , Mount Kenya University. I also planned and participated in research training seminars and workshops as a facilitator, planning for students research oriented activities, the entire university research forums and workshops.have organized public lectures in my capacity as research coordinator at the university. I have also been in various training of trainers with an outcome of trainer at Wadhwani Foundation, STEP trainer, Human Capital Limited amongst others. I have done consultancy work in training on business management, Customer care, Enterprise capacity building. Currently as a Deputy Director Graduate School at the university whose mandate is to manage quality research, steer, motivate, promote and implement students’ research activities?


  1. PhD Entrepreneurship Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology
  2. MSC Entrepreneurship Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology
  3. Bachelor of Education (Home economics) Kenyatta University


  1.  Organizational Excellence & Leadership Programme- malaysia
  2.  STEP trainers workshop
  3.  Research Capacity Building Workshop in Mount Kenya University


  1. Proposal writing for grant Workshop in Mount Kenya University
  2. 2016: Wadhwani Foundation Entrepreneurship Faculty Educator
  3. 2014: ISO certified training for quality auditor


2018/2019: CSAK conference
2017: International Peace Conference- Kenya
2017: Malaysian Institute of Management leadership conference-Malaysia
2016: Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya
2015: ICABUMPA-IN4In conference


2010-2012: Human Capital investment Consultancy Firm Limited
• Training, Consultancy in Management, Gender Mainstreaming and Entrepreneurship.
• Entrepreneurship training for women and youth entrepreneurs for CBOs
2018-2020: STEP TRAINER

GRANTS affiliation

2019-2021: Co-investigator in securing 24 DAAD full Masters Scholarships in Public Health & Nursing


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