Directorate of Research and Innovation

Directorate of Research and Innovation

The Directorate of Research and Innovation was established 10 years ago to coordinate research activities within the university. Over the years, the Directorate has grown a research and innovation culture that has led to the growth of external research funding, publications and community outreach activities.

Services under the Directorate

Administration of Research & Innovation

The Directorate of Research & Innovation supports the University research agenda through various committees. These includes University Research Committee, School Research Committee, Campus Research Committee and Departmental Research Committees. In addition, the Directorate has various policies and guidelines that are useful in supporting research. They include Research Policy, Intellectual Property Policy, Community Outreach Policy, Guidelines on balance between Research and Teaching amongst others.

Capacity Building

The Directorate facilitates trainings, workshops and conferences. The Directorate oversees the implementation of the Vice- Chancellor Research and Innovation grant which supports researchers through provision of seed grants, payment of publication fees, and support to attend conferences.


The Directorate also coordinates and supports research innovations by providing incentives to innovators such as during development of prototypes, protection by KIPI etc.

Research Infrastructure

The Directorate hosts a Research Centre which is instrumental in supporting postgraduate students and staff to carry out their research. The Directorate also has local and international partnerships that expand the range of research infrastructure available to researchers. In addition, members of the Directorate and other university staff have attracted grants which support research at the Research Centre.

Ethics Review

The Directorate houses a National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI)-accredited institutional Ethics Review Committee that reviews research protocols for ethics for researchers in the region (including postgraduate students).

Quality Assurance for Research

The Directorate has established various roadmap documents for research and innovation including the Research Policy, Intellectual Property Policy, and Plagiarism Policy. The Directorate ensures that all outputs from intellectual activities including research proposals and publications pass originality examination.