About Us

About Us

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a non-profit making institution established in May 2008. Its precursor is the famous Thika Institute of Technology. It was granted a Charter in January 2011 and is one of the rapidly expanding universities in East and Central Africa. It is a leading private university inclined towards science and technology programmes.

In pursuit of its Vision and Mission, the university acknowledges the pivotal role research, innovation and other intellectual activities play in socio-economic development of any society.

The university recognizes that exploration and validation of novel ideas in research, innovation and other intellectual activities, new frontiers of knowledge are discovered. Thus, the University established the Research Division in March 2011 to serve as a vehicle to spearhead its research mandate.

The university has a Directorate of Research and Development, headed by the Director, R&D. The fact that MKU is giving research a high priority is embodied in various policy documents including the MKU Research Policy, Enterprise and Linkages Policy, Intellectual Property Rights Policy and a 7-year Strategic Plan as well as funding initiatives such as the Internal Research Grant termed (Vice-Chancellor’s Grant) to fund researchers and innovators.

The university encourages researchers and innovators to conduct research and other innovative activities geared towards the discovery and exploitation of new knowledge with the ultimate object of socio-economic development of the Kenya and the region in line with the objectives of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the Millennium Development Goals.