Research activities

Research activities

The Directorate of Research and Development aims at achieving timely quality research output. To achieve the set goal, the Directorate is committed to writing competitive proposals to solicit funds for research activities. In relation to this, the Directorate has already received grants worth around Ksh.120 million for 3 distinct proposals and aims to get more funding in 2016.

Currently, five projects are ongoing at the Research Centre, 4 projects for MSc. Level and 1 project for PhD level by Mr. Lenny Mwagandi Chimbevo, Lecturer, and Medical School. In addition, more than 5 students from School of Pharmacy have conducted their respective undergraduate projects at the facility this year. The number of MKU staff members and MSc. students utilizing Research Centre is expected to go even higher in 2016 as the university continues to cultivate research culture through research sensitization throughout all its campuses, workshops and training’s, supporting staffs to attend both local and international conferences and formulating research policies such as Plagiarism policy and balance between teaching and research to Mount Kenya University academic staff members.

To drive innovations, four innovators have been mentored under the Directorate’s Socio-Economic Research and Community Engagement Programme. The four innovations (Compost tumbler, 3-D Printer, advanced home security Sensitive Fence and Solar dryer) were presented at the past National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) exhibition held on 11-15th of May, 2015 at the University of Nairobi.

Ongoing Research Activities Year 2015:

No. Proposal title Funding Agency Amount applied (Ksh.) Funding Date
1 Kenya Christian and Scientific Affiliation (KCSA): Facilitating Synergetic Interaction between Science and Christian Faith Templeton World Charity 80,000,000 December, 2015
2 Collaborative Newborn Support project Round 1 CICF/DFID 37,500,000 October, 2015
3 Malschistohel project in lake Victoria Melinda and Gates Foundation 10,000,000 February, 2015
4 Investigating Kitui County (Kenya) health system’s capacity to detect and control infectious diseases of poverty TDR – Hosted by SEKU 1,500,000 May, 2015