Types of Institutional Ethics Reviews

Types of Institutional Ethics Reviews

Full Review– An in-depth review by an IERC member specialized in the area of interest under study. The reviewer ethical findings and recommendations are discussed in the monthly IREC meetings. This includes clinical trials and human health research protocols.

Expedited Review– Research investigations that do not involve human participants or animals and those that present no more than minimal risk to the study participants as verified by an appointed reviewer.

Amended Proposal Review – In situations where the researcher make amendments after ethics clearance, the amended proposal is subjected to a secondary review by IREC members before the amendments are implemented.

Annual renewal of ERC certification– All approvals are valid for a period of one year. Research studies that last for more than one year apply for a renewal of the IREC certification annually.

Schedule of meetings

The committee meets on Tuesday the third week of every month. For proposals to be discussed at the monthly meeting, they should have been received by Tuesday of the second week of that month.

Submission Requirements (Only e-copies will be accepted sent to research@mku.ac.ke)

  • The research protocol and accompanying research documents (for academic research, as prescribed by the graduate studies)
  • Informed consent forms
  • Data collection tools
  • Evidence of payment of IREC review fees