Students attends clean energy innovation bootcamp

Research and innovation bulletin 2023

Linkages to enhance graduate employability

College of Graduate Studies & Research

College Overview

In pursuit to be a Global Centre of Excellence in Education, Research and Innovation in Science and Technology, Mount Kenya University on Saturday (14/12/2019) launched College of Graduate Studies and Read More

Research & Innovation

Coordinate research activities within the university and cultivates a research and innovation culture that has led to the growth of external research funding, publications and community outreach activities.

Graduate Studies

Coordinate matters pertaining to postgraduate training at the University. Since its establishment, the postgraduate students’ enrollment has continuously increased over the years.

Grants & Development

Provide leadership in the management of grants  where it seeks, identifies and disseminates information on external grant calls.

Research and innovation Hub

Mount Kenya University Research Centre has a multi-million shilling state-of-the art equipment for research. This equipment accentuates the university’s profile as the best equipped academic and research institution in East Africa. The Directorate has attracted a number of researchers to conduct their research at the facility. MKU staff members, Postgraduate and undergraduate students are utilizing the Research Centre for their respective projects.