Dr. Ruth Nyambura

Dr. Ruth Nyambura


Email: rnjoroge@mku.ac.ke
Tel: 0715 133 505
Research Interests: History, Culture and Fashion

Dr Ruth Nyambura is a history lecturer. She has vast experience since she has lectured in the university for 15 years. She has diversely supervised over 15 students in their masters (history) thesis. Her areas of interest are history, culture and contemporary art and fashion. She is the coordinator School of Postgraduate studies in Mount Kenya Nakuru Campus and the Coordinator School of Social Sciences in the same Campus.

Research Projects: Evolution of Criminal gangs in Nakuru County
Memberships (2023):
1. Member, Women Education Researchers of Kenya (WERK)
2. Nakuru County Research Committee
3. CSAK (Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya)
4. KMS (Kenya Museum Society)

Publications 2023:
Journal of History Vol.1 No.1, July 2023, Journal homepage: www.greatjourns.com

International Journal of Novel Research and Development (www.ijnrd.org)

2023 IJNRD | Volume 8, Issue 9 September 2023 | ISSN: 2456-4184 | IJNRD.ORG

Google scholar link & ORCID: Orcid ID
Orcid: https://orcid.org/0009-0004-6734-2803