Dr. Michael Mung’oma

Dr. Michael Mung’oma


Email: mikemungoma@gmail.com and mmungoma@mku.ac.ke

Department: Pharmacology  and Clinical Pharmacy

Research Interests: Cancer, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Health Education

Dr. Michael Mung’oma is the Dean School of Pharmacy at Mount Kenya University. His professional focus is Toxicology and enhancing health education in the evolution of technology. He is a consultant in Family Planning service provision by Pharmacists and Continuous Professional Development among Health Care Workers. He is also a consultant on consumer education ad protection with an interest in Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable production and consumption and climate impact mitigation. His key qualifications cover: Pharmacy, Toxicology, Project Management, Adult Education, Training of Trainers, Counseling Psychology and mentorship.

Memberships 2023:

  1. Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya
  2. British Toxicology Society
  3. RaPTIS Committee member- Ministry of Health

Publications 2023 : https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/23978473231208760