Dr. Judy Mwangi

Dr. Judy Mwangi


Department: Social and Development Studies

Email: Jwambuu1@gmail.com/ jmwangi@mku.ac.ke

Dr. Judy Mwangi holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies from Kenyatta University. She is a lecturer, researcher, and consultant in the fields of gender, sociology, community development, and social work. Dr. Judy has more than ten years of experience in teaching at the university level and research in gender and development studies. She has served as the Head of the Department of Social and Development Studies, and Registrar in Charge of Admissions at Mount Kenya University. Currently, she is serving as a school postgraduate coordinator as well as a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences. Over and above teaching Dr. Judy is a certified quality management systems auditor, a reviewer, and a member of the Institutional Ethical Review Committee. She is also a Trainer of Trainer (ToT) in university and tertiary institutions student and staff mentorship as well as a mentor. As a researcher, Dr. Judy has published eighteen articles in international peer-reviewed journals, and she has attended and presented at various international and local conferences, seminars, and workshops. Additionally, she has participated in writing an applying for various grant the latest being Co-Principal Investigator in Erasmus Plus Mobility Grant AK 171) 2022 with the University of Cyril Methodius from Slovak.   Dr. Judy has served on various academic and local committees and boards. In the community, Dr. Judy is an active member and serves as a secretary of the Salama Community Welfare Association. Additionally, she serves as the secretary of the Parish and Local Church Mothers Union Department in the Anglican Churches of Kenya, (ACK).  Dr Judy is a proud wife and mother to two teenagers.  She is a self-driven leader and a team player with a willingness to learn and explore new avenues.

Grants and Funding: Erasmus Plus mobility grant (Ref: AK 171) 2022

Ongoing Research Projects:  Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education 2024. In partnership with UCM Pilot study on Impact assessment of Assistive Devices for VI


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Memberships:  A member of Africa Social Work and development Network.

Collaborations (2023): University of Cyril Methodius  (UCM) –Slovak

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=P4wJuUAAAAAJ&hl=en