Dr. Jane Njuguna

Dr. Jane Njuguna


ampus Coordinator Graduate Studies, Nairobi Campus
Tel: +254 / 722 892 205
Email: njugunajm001@gmail.com

As an expert in education management adept with knowledge and skills in handling duties assigned to me, I am keen on taking positions that will propel the enhancement of my career experience. Highlights of my competences include; strategic management in education, managing resources in education, policy formulation, legal aspects in education, higher education administration, human resource management, managing resources in education, research and educational finance. I have successfully held the following roles; serviced as the research coordinator in Mount Kenya University and currently serving as the school of education coordinator in Mount Kenya University Nairobi campus. I have been involved in campus management through various committees key among them; campus management committee, academic committee and postgraduate steering committee. I have also been involved in consultancy work for the Ministry of Education through the PRIEDE project geared towards improvement of learning outcomes in public primary schools in Kenya.

I possess strong analytical skills, time management and impressive commitment to excellence that positions me to work in any fast paced environment.


  1. Doctorate Degree: 2011-2017- Ph.D. Educational Administration, Maasai Mara University
  2. MED-2004- 2005 Master in Educational Administration, University of Nairobi
  3. BED-Bachelor of Education (Arts) 1990-1994 Moi University
  4. HD HRM 2006- 2007 Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management, Institute of Personnel Management –Kenya



1. Ethics Review Committee Training Workshop 28th-29th March 2018 in Mount Kenya University
2. Research Capacity Building Workshop 21st July 2017 in Mount Kenya University
3. Research Ethics on 7th and 8th April 2016 I Mount Kenya University
4. Training in Project Coordination of
5. Research Training 2015- February: Mount Kenya University Towers, Nairobi (Towards Community Based Research
6. Research Workshop on 20th February 2015 in Mount Kenya University
7. Workshop August 2014; Proposal writing for grant Workshop in Mount Kenya University
8. Professionalism in Research 29th April 2013 in Mount Kenya University
9. Introduction to Research Methods 5th May 2007 by The Steadman Group


Member of Society of Educational Research and Evaluation in Kenya (SEREK)
Member of Education Management Society of Kenya (EMSK)


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Founder Member and Secretary of Ladyhope Wellness Institute which supports needy cervical cancer patients to access healthcare, spiritual and material support as well as involving caregivers in the fight against cancer.